Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Worley's Wonder Made?

    Worley's Wonder is proud to be made in the USA. Created in South Carolina in 1986.

  • What makes Worley's Wonder different from other cleaners?

    After extensive research, Carolina Research Laboratories developed an advanced chemical compound scientifically formulated to be superior to any other product currently in use. Worley's Wonder is made with a combination of specialized cleansing and polishing agents previously limited to laboratory use only.

  • Is it really safe for ALL jewelry?

    Absolutely! Worley's Wonder cleans and polishes without ammonia, acid, or abrasive agents. This makes it safe from everything from diamonds to costume jewelry. While you can soak all jewelry in Worley's Wonder, we do recommend you do not scrub pearls, opals and turquoise. You may soak and clean with a sponge or soft cloth instead.

  • How long does Worley's Wonder last?

    That depends on many things. Worley's Wonder has a shelf life of several years. If you are using it in a soaker jar or container for soaking jewelry, you can keep using it until the liquid turns from purple to a dark murky gray. How long it takes depends on how often you clean your jewelry and how dirty your jewelry is. Since Worley's Wonder is environmentally friendly, you can simply pour it down the drain, rinse and refill your container.

  • Should I dilute Worley's Wonder?

    Every bottle we sell is 100% concentrate, which is perfect for jewelry. We do recommend diluting the solution 50/50 with water for glass and plastic to get optimal results. The back of the bottle gives you several examples and directions for use with glass & plastic.

  • Can I soak my jewelry overnight?

    Yes! Since Worley's Wonder contains no acid, ammonia or abrasive agents, soaking your jewelry overnight is completely safe. Simply rinse off with water in the morning and you're good to go. We don't recommend soaking jewelry with strings, such as pearls.

  • How is the shipping price determined?

    Unfortunately shipping liquids is expensive because of the weight. Shipping on this website is calculated by weight. After postage, labels, boxes and packing material, most of the value kits end up costing just over $13. Unlike other websites, we're not looking to make a profit from shipping, just break even. For that reason, there is no "handling fee" included in the prices. For bulk orders, you may contact us at for better shipping prices.