Make Money Selling A Product Customers Already Trust and Love!

Worley's Wonder was created in 1986, and since then we have been used in hundreds of thousands of homes. For many, we are a household name when it comes to cleaning not only jewelry, but glass and plastic as well. Unfortunately, we receive many calls and e-mails from customers all over the United States who are looking to buy Worley's Wonder locally. As much as we'd love to set up shop around the nation, we just can't... but you can!

Q - Who are we looking for?
A - We are looking for honest, driven, and ambitious individuals who will keep giving Worley's Wonder a good name. Our goal is to have dealers in every state to sell to our customers locally.

Q - How Much Does It Cost To Become A Dealer?
A - We do not charge you a "Dealer Fee" or "Distributor License Fee" like most companies. You simply pay the cost of the product. When our dealers succeed, we all succeed!

Q - Where Can I Sell Worley's Wonder?
A - Worley's Wonder can be sold anywhere from fundraiser events to flea markets. We only ask that you do not sell online (eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc). This is to prevent customer confusion when trying to place an order. It also helps in the event of returns or replacement orders.

Q - How Much Product Should I Start With?
A - After many years, we have looked at our average sales for weekend Trade Shows and Flea Markets. The Trade Show Special gives you enough product to get started without a huge investment. We believe it is a good amount to order without being stuck with tons of inventory. That being said, you may order as much or as little as you are comfortable with. (See Below For More Information)

Worley's Wonder Trade Show Special

Everything you need to start selling Worley's Wonder. Perfect for state fairs, festivals, trade shows, markets and local events. All you need is a location and a table! The package below is just our standard package, you can add or remove product as necessary to fit your needs. Contact Us For More Information


  • (x1) Case of Worley's Wonder 2 Ounce Travel Friendly Spray Bottles (50 Bottles)
  • (x1) Case of Worley's Wonder 4 Ounce Spray Bottles (48 Bottles)
  • (x1) Case of Worley's Wonder 8 Ounce Spray Bottles (24 Bottles)
  • (x1) Case of Worley's Wonder 16 Ounce Refill Bottles (20 Bottles)
  • (x1) Case of Worley's Wonder 32 Ounce Refill Bottles (12 Bottles)
  • (x1) 1/2 Case of Wenol 4 Ounce Metal Polish (10 Tubes)
  • (x25) 4 Ounce Empty Soaker Jars w/ Removable Basket
  • (x50) Soft Bristle Toothbrushes
  • (x2) 8.5" x 11" Signs with acrylic Sign Holders
  • (x1) Large Rinsing Bowl
  • (x1) Small Cleaning Bowl
  • (x1) Micro Fiber Cloth
  • Reseller Discounts on all Reorders of 1 Case or More
  • Free Shipping (US Only)