How Does Worley's Wonder Compare To The "Competition"?

About Worley's Wonder

Worley's Wonder was created in 1986 to be used as a safe cleaning alternative to harmful chemical cleaners on the market. After extensive research, Carolina Research Laboratories developed an advanced chemical compound scientifically formulated to be superior to any other product currently in use. This compound is called Worley's Wonder. Our jewelry cleaner is made with a combination of specialized cleansing and polishing agents previously limited to laboratory use only.

Worley's Wonder safely cleans and polishes without using ammonia, acid, or abrasive agents. Thanks to this, it is a safe and gentle cleaner, even for skin contact. This incredible product outshines competing products in many areas (see chart above). Worley's Wonder has no equal cleaning jewelry and glasses. It is also an incredible cleaner for plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. You will constantly find new uses in and around the home for these innovative cleaning products.