Worley's Wonder 2 Ounce Travel Spray Bottle (3 Pack)


Worley's Wonder Jewelry & Glass Cleaner 2 Ounce Travel Spray Bottle (3-Pack)

These 2 ounce spray bottles gives you a quick and convenient way to give your jewelry a quick shine while at home or on the go. Worley's Wonder contains no acid, ammonia or abrasive agents - making it completely safe on everything from gold and diamonds, to pearls and costume jewelry.

Simply give your jewelry a quick spray and polish with a soft cloth to dry. With Worley's Wonder, you can also safely soak your jewelry overnight with no harmful chemicals reacting with your jewelry (the only exception would be pearls or jewelry on strands or string - because of the string itself). Try us today and see why we turn first time buyers into life-long customers!

NOTE: Worley's Wonder 2 Ounce Spray Bottles are filled by hand. They are blank spray bottles offered for convenience. They do not contain any branding, logos or writing printed onto the bottle. All bottles are 100% concentrate.